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Country Kennels boarding facilities are second to none.  Constructed of insulated and sealed concrete block and concrete slab flooring to protect your pet’s health and for ease of cleaning and sanitizing. The kennel building is designed for the comfort and security of your pet.  Each wing has its own temperature controlled system in order to keep your pet comfortable.

All kennels are indoor/outdoor runs to provide your pet the access to the outside.  Country Kennels offers two sizes of runs 72 square feet for large pets and 54 square feet for smaller pets. A guillotine door provides access to the outdoor patio portion and is completely shaded for your pet’s comfort. This area allows for extra movement as well as providing a place for elimination.  Our kennels provide a private and relaxed environment for pets free from bothersome behavior of other guests.  All runs are covered with heavy gauged chain link for the safety of all guests.

Additionally, all of the buildings are protected with a six foot chain link fence for extra security.


Our guests are fed quality pet food, which rarely causes any kind of digestive upset.  You may bring your own food if your pet is on prescription food or any other special diet.  Please understand that we cannot accept large bags of dog food due to space.  You may bring your pet’s food in a marked bag or container in the amount suitable for your pet’s stay.

Country Kennel offers fleece bedding for each pet at night.  You may also bring bedding if it is machine washable.  We do not accept large comforters, your bedding must be completely washable  and of size to fit in normal washing machine.  Although your pet may not have accidents at home, on occasions we will need to clean the bedding.  

Country Kennel  provides a night time check on all guests along with a bedtime cookie or treat.  Your pet will be spoiled and treated as our own while staying with us.

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